1. Serving the common good -
    1. Have I thought beyond my needs when serving this person, family, or community?
    2. Have I considered the material and spiritual good of this person, family or community?
  2. Helping every individual live a dignified, truly human life -
    1. Am I offering deliberate, practical support for the well-being of this person, family or community?
    2. Am I concerned with the good of all, even of people nobody thinks about because they have no voice and no power?
  3. Protecting the intrinsic rights of groups and associations -
    1. In helping this person, family or community, am I encouraging private initiative on their part as I recognize it to be an important component of the dignity of the human person?
  4. Preserving unity (culture, race, and religion) in Malaysia -
    1. Am I allowing space in my outreach for this person, family or community to not just receive practical assistance, but also to have a conversation partner, to grow by coming to understand the ideas, arguments, needs, and wishes of others, and to be able to develop their personality more completely?
    2. Am I taking future generations into consideration in my actions and decisions when helping this person, family or community?
  • Application period: January 2020 - July 2020
  • Mission period: March 2020 - October 2020
  1. Express interest in ROG through ASAYO
  2. Interview/Accompaniment with ASAYO
  3. Submit creative proposal (video, song, report etc)
  4. Once approved, receive RM150 seed money from ASAYO to begin fundraising (to be received within 7 days)
  5. Participants to raise between RM450 to RM1000 within 60 days
    1. RM450 to RM1000 raised - receive matched amount to a maximum of RM1000 from PMS (ie raise RM500, receive RM500)
    2. Less than RM450 raised - will not receive matched amount. Get to keep RM150 seed money
  6. Participants to submit testimony of mission upon completion
    1. 3 minute video OR
    2. >100 word report with photos
  1. Total grant available is RM5000. Although your mission activity may have a higher value, each successful application will be awarded a grant up to a maximum of RM1000.
  2. Upon expression of interest through ASAYOKL, applicants will be accompanied through submitting a creative proposal, raising funds, and preparation for mission if required.
  3. Application must precede mission activity.
  4. Mission activities that have been done prior to application will still be considered provided there is a plan for follow-up mission activities.
  5. If there is a surplus in funds after the completion of mission activity, the funds may be carried forward by the group to the following year for other mission activities.
  6. Successful applicants are required to document the mission activity through videos and photos for the purpose of sharing their testimony.
  7. Only mission activities that are in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church will be considered.
  8. PMS and ASAYOKL values the desire to serve of every young person and would strongly encourage applicants to consider other avenues to pursue their mission should the Reach Out Grant not be awarded to them.

If you have the urge or desire to reach out, but would need some guidance to discern the nature of your outreach activity, don't hesitate to contact us!

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